Saturday, August 30

found amongst the tomatoes

My plans to FINALLY work on some house cleaning today were unexpectedly changed.  On my way back from running errands, I thought I'd stop at the local farm market to see what the status of canning tomatoes was at this point of the summer. Sometimes it's an early season OR sometimes it's a late season.  Of course, this time of the year it's never the right season because life is pretty busy.  

Alas, they had a handful of unclaimed cases of canning tomatoes sitting along the wall.  I couldn't resist.  It felt like one of those now or never kind of decisions.  Two cases came home with me.  
Spending time canning tomatoes truly is one of my favorite things to do.  I always thought it was simply because they are easy to can.  But today I realized there's a different reason I enjoy canning tomatoes.  It's not like  canning other vegetables where I have others in the kitchen helping me, but it's always been a task I do alone.  AND while I'm doing it alone, I realized today that I have an unspoken tradition of digging out my old Rich Mullins CDs to listen to while I'm slipping the skins off of the tomatoes. With that realization, I really listened to the words of his songs and now I know the reason why I have this unspoken tradition.....the verses and lyrics of his songs are rich with Jesus.  So rich with Jesus that you feel like you are worshipping Him in the midst of chopping tomatoes standing at the kitchen sink.  

Just goes to show you that any place can be used as a sanctuary for worship as long as your heart is open to Him.

Tonight there's twenty-one quarts of tomatoes cooling on the countertop of my kitchen and a heart that has been equally warmed by His presence.  Guess it really was the right day to can tomatoes!

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