Saturday, August 16

hidden identity

A Pinterest pin of a friend immediately caught my eye.  A quick click on it and all my "what?" questions were answered with surprise.  
But there was no mistaking the pinned picture as it matched exactly what we had been pulling out of the garden to throw into the weed bucket.  

This bit o'green was actually.....
.....better known as PURSLANE.  In other words, not a weed.

Purslane (or portulaca oleracea) is actually cultivated as a vegetable in some countries.  All parts of the plant are edible - stem, leaves, and the flowers - and you can eat it freshly picked or cooked.  This plant that has been pulled out of my garden each year is known to be an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids as well as being a rich source of other vitamins and minerals.  There have been many health benefits found through this green leafy VEGETABLE.  

Unfortunately, I learned about purslane after much of it had been already disposed of from our garden.  I'm letting the remaining plants grow and have even snipped some leaves to add to my morning green smoothie.  

Here's a few links for you to read more about purslane:

Definitely a treasure underneath the weeds!

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