Friday, August 22

the nest change

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(mama mourning dove with one of her two babies)


We are headed into a new season of change once again in our family.  The blessing is that it's been happening over and over again giving me a vantage point that isn't soooo uncertain.  In fact, having a large family has given me insights that perhaps most families wouldn't experience or know.

A daughter will be leaving for college in a few days.  She leaves behind two sisters.  Our family is shrinking.  The "pecking order" is taking a "hit".  

But I have found that it will be a good "hit" for the new one who steps into the oldest kid at home role.  It always seems like the one below the oldest lives in the shadows.  They tend to follow the ebb and flow of the oldest one as the younger sibling.  And when the oldest one leaves, a transformation begins to happen to the newest oldest as they step out of the shadow.  Who they are becomes alive.  They become their own person who is free to like and do and be who they are.  This visible change is a fascinating process to witness as a mom and one that requires attention and prayer knowing their time left at home is short, too.  There's probably a greater need for a lot of wisdom and discernment in this short season as you encourage them to seek the purpose and plan that God has for them.

It's an exciting time as you watch their new wings develop with strength as the nest has a bit more room to grow.....and I'm actually looking forward to it!


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Abi said...

Tammy, it's so great to see you excited for your children and changes in life rather than mourning for the times that are lost. I'm not in the same stage of life as you, but I definitely agree that, as an oldest child, it has been fun watching my younger siblings change and grow in these years that I have been out of the house.

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