Friday, August 15

to tell

Ohhhh, boy!  Life is busy right now!  But, I'm taking a mini-break to participate in today's Five Minute Friday which is now in its new home with Kate from Heading Home.  So the challenge is to take the word assigned for the day, write about it for five minutes with no editing, post it, link it up at Kate's Five Minute Friday, read the link before yours and be sure to leave a word or two or many of encouragement.  Ready?  Set? GO!


Every single person has a life story to tell. 

That story is an accumulation of all that has happened to you from birth until right this moment and it is a story that is unique to YOU.

However, sometimes we don't always like all of our story.  So, we freely tell others the good parts and hide away the bad parts.  And without realizing it, those bad parts tend to isolate us a bit by not allowing others to really get to know us.  We are afraid of rejection.  

Unfortunately, it can be like a form of bondage that the enemy likes to keep us in which can also stunt our spiritual growth.

But you know what?  God knows.  He knows it all and He still loves you abundantly.  When you're ready to share with others the parts that you've kept hidden for so long, ask Him to put safe people in your life.  Tell your story to them.  Watch the chains drop from your heart as God provides healing and freedom in the process.  And it is a process which happens each time you tell.....


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AuthorGroupie said...

LOVE your post! Such a difficult idea to unleash all of the bad parts, but so freeing. I like when you wrote, " . . . safe people in your life." So true! These may not always be family members, but your new created family. Nice meeting you via #fmfparty!

Tammy said...

Thanks for stopping! You are right....sometimes family aren't "safe people" primarily because those of us with tender hearts don't want to risk hurting those we love by our real words. It does get very complicated....... :::sigh:::

Tammy ~@~

BARBIE said...

Sometimes it's in the telling of the bad parts that I am set free. Thank you for sharing!

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