Friday, September 26

a common answer to why

It has been a gloriously beautiful autumn day here and I confess to only hanging out in the sunshine over a long lunch hour instead of ALL DAY LONG like I wanted to.  It took every bit of self control to hang out indoors correcting school work because I was behind on the task.  A must do situation.  So instead of sporting an awesome tan at the end of the day, I am instead sporting a very tired brain as I always feel like I re-learn everything my kids are learning.  Anyways, enough procrastination.  Here goes.....

Join the community for a great writing challenge!  Write for five minutes on one word. No editing. Post it.  Link it up over at Kate's - Five Minute Friday - and read the link before yours leaving an encouraging comment behind.  The word for this Friday is BECAUSE.  Ready!  Set! GO!

(my climbing everywhere grandson)


I haven't had time to be online much today because I've been busy correcting schooling all day, but I'm wondering how many writers responded to the word of the day with BECAUSE....I SAID SO.  If they are mothers, they probably have written about that phrase since mothers do use that quite a bit (unless the millennial generation of mothers don't use it, but I don't know how you can't use it since there are so many situations where you really don't have time to explain all the reasons "why" and you just go with the "because I said so" response which is never satisfactory to your children no matter what age they are!)

But, in thinking about this, I wondered about another parent who could probably so easily use this term with us.  Our Heavenly Father.  How often do our behaviors, thoughts, plans, wanderings, and all those kinds of things pull us away from Him and we ignore that little voice that says we shouldn't go there because He said so.  I mean, He really did say so all over the place in His Word.  But how often are we not satisfied with that response and defy Him?

We have to remember that He says so because He loves us so.  All His reasons outweigh any reason we could ever come up with for living disobediently.

Now if we could just get our kids to understand that, too!


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Patty Mejia-Burke said...

Oh, yes! The mother statement, "Because I said so!"
I hadn't thought of how God tells us the same thing, though, until you pointed it out to me. Thanks for doing that.
He tells us what we need to do because He loves us so much.
Thanks for sharing at Five Minute Friday!

Annette said...

ooh.. I did like that tie in. Do this "because I said so".. we mom's must have learned it from somewhere.. and God is the answer eh? A good reminder to me. :)

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