Friday, September 19


It is Friday - a day worthy of writing for five minutes on one word.  No editing.  Post it.  Link it up at Kate's FIVE MINUTE FRIDAY  Go to the link before yours, read it, bless the writer with a word of encouragement.  The word for today is HOLD. Ready...set...GO!

(a mere 18 years ago....)



A sense of deja vu passed over me.  I had been here before. Six times before as a matter of fact.

Another child of mine had reached that magical age that society claims them as an adult.  18 precious years.

And I once again sighed as I considered that reality.

In that moment of "hold" you realize that your essential teaching of that child is done.....and with that thought is all the many many many many things that you never talked to them about.....and that is followed by all the reminders of mothering blunders.mistakes.muddles.missteps that happened with this child.

The result?  An imperfect mother raised an imperfect child.

As you realize you can't hold onto this moment or tell them all that you forgot to tell them or do over all those things you wish you hadn't done, grace steps in.

You walk over to your desk and re-open an envelope that was silently left on your bed on the day you took her to college.  

You allow the words on the page written from her heart wash over you as tears wash over your cheeks falling down into your heart.  


You release the hold.that.moment as your realize how God's grace and love covers all your imperfections as well as the imperfections of your children.


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blerj62 said...

That's choked me up a bit. Younger daughter leaves for college in a couple of weeks and I am thinking often of my imperfections and conversations I haven't had etc. But I know those letters too and have a small collection of little notes and funny cards that do indeed speak of love between imperfect beings. thank you for reminding me of that.


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