Friday, September 12

ready or not

Definitely one of the fastest weeks e.v.e.r!  Here it is - FRIDAY - and the fun challenge of writing for five minutes on one word with no editing, posting it, linking it up at Five Minute Friday on Kate's blog Heading Home, and then leaving a word of encouragement behind on the post before yours. The word for this week is here we go....ready, set, GO!

(our old garage sale signs)


Summer weekends were full of plans which meant planning a garage sale on a September weekend instead.  No problem, right?  All summer to get ready, right?  Weather should still be good, right?

Sooooo, this past Monday I cleaned out our garage and set up tables.  I was gone all day Tuesday and Wednesday catching up at work after being gone for a week.  Thursday was spent setting up and pricing all the things I wanted to sell.  Sale began today (Friday).

Ready?  Hardly.  Weather good?  Hardly.  Good day of selling stuff?  Yup!

It was one of those situations that was hanging out there, I knew it was coming, I really saw the need to do it, but did not feel prepared at all to do it.  Yet, it didn't seem stressful.  It was more of a "what will be, will be" kind of feeling and I just went with the flow.  And it was fine.

Much of my life feels that way right now.  Life situations that have been hanging out there, I know the general direction that things are going, I know certain steps will need to be taken, and I don't feel completely prepared to do them.  Yet when the time comes, I will follow the Lord trusting His plans for what will be.

Because He truly does walk before us, next to us, behind us. And it will be fine whether I'm ready or not.


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Stacey Dawn said...

Oh wow - I so need to do a garage sale and I'm definitely NOT ready!! LOL However, you are most correct, He does go before us, behind us and is always with us. I'm so grateful to God for that! Thank you for your comment!!

Tammy said...

Thanks for stopping by, Stacey! And now that the garage sale is over and done, I'm soooo thankful I went ahead and did it. It was much busier than anticipated and some bigger items did find new homes.

Tammy ~@~

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