Friday, October 31

leave this month

Today's Five Minute Free Write is a part of the regular Five Minute Friday.  If you are a writer and would like to join in, it's really quite simple to do.   Write for five minutes on the word of the day.  No editing.  Post it.  Link it up at Kate's Five Minute Friday Read the post before yours and be sure to leave an encouraging note behind.  This Friday, Kate has a special giveaway - three different books are available so be sure to check it out!  The word for today is LEAVE.  Ready?  Set? Write!


Leave this month behind with a sense of accomplishment!

That is, *IF* you participated in the 31 Days of Writing in October and this is the 31st entry of the month for you.  It really is quite hard to believe that this is the last day of the challenge.  I hesitated even beginning this on October 1st knowing that it would definitely be hard to write here every day. And yet, the days have flown by.  The simplicity of using the word of the day chosen by Kate and only needing to write a minimal amount really was perfect for me.   It was actually enjoyable and I had fun checking out the word for the day each day. 

However, since I determined before I began that there's no way I could come up with my own theme for 31 days and did go with Kate's Five Minute Free Writes, I decided to give myself a specific challenge for each day.  Did any of my regular readers figure it out?

It has been a wonderful time of kindling some writing after a long spell of lifeless words, but it really is time to move onto the new essays of November as October takes leave.


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  October 2014 - Day 31

Thursday, October 30



First thing to do when your eyes open in the morning is to greet the Lord.  

It only takes a few moments to commit your day and whatever it holds as you place the day and your life into His Hands.  And often you only have a few moments to do that since many days begin fast and furious, especially if you have babies or toddlers or kids to tend to as soon as the sun is up (or even sooner than that in most cases!).

Why?  Because of this saying that has been going around the internet for quite awhile:  

Be the kind of woman who, when your feet hit the floor each morning, the devil says, "Oh no, she's up!"

Yup, get your day going in the strength and might of the Lord so that at the end of the day — no matter what happened from the moment you got out of bed until you climb back into bed — you can thank the Lord for all of it.

It really is a great habit to get into - make the Lord first!

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  October 2014 - Day 30

Wednesday, October 29



Unite all virtues with love.

"Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothes yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.  Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity."~Colossians 3:12-14

How much unity comes among people when the opposite virtues are present — mercilessness, harshness, pridefulness, hardness, restlessness, unforgiveness?  The suffix "ness" on each word indicates that the word is in that state or quality. Who would want a life filled with those qualities? 

Plus it seems it would be very hard to wrap love around those qualities with a desire to unite.

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  October 2014 - Day 29

Tuesday, October 28



Wake up early morning to the sound of the cat hacking up a hairball.  It's really earlier than you want to get out of bed, yet you don't want to turn on the lights to see exactly where it is because then for sure you'll be wide awake.  So instead you try to go back to sleep only you can't really go back to sleep because your mind is wondering exactly where the hairball is on your bedroom floor and you really don't want to step on it when you do wake up and crawl out of bed.  By this time you are busy trying to get your mind not to think about the hairball, so you start thinking about something else which really gets your mind busy.  Determining that you've wasted 45 minutes in bed with this whole silly hacking up a hairball episode, you finally throw off the covers and carefully step over to the bathroom where you can turn on the dimmer light switch so you peer back into the bedroom.  Aha!  Grabbing the hairball with a kleenex and  a bit of thankfulness that it isn't one of those sloppy gooey ones, it's swiftly tossed into the garbage and the dimmer light switch is now off with a quick dash back into bed.

Before you say a comfy ahhhhhhh, the clock tells you it's time to arise and wake......

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  October 2014 - Day 28

Monday, October 27



Free no more.

Ohhhh, he thought he was free as perhaps some of his former relatives did, too, as they roamed this new land with delights unheard of in their short lifetime.  But they were wandering in a land that did not welcome them because their freedom often left behind unwanted destruction.

Soooo, we leave for a few days and return home to his capture having missed the sound of the SNAP!

Yes, another mouse has met his demise within the house.  For the record, I believe the cat is up to four or five mice caught and I think my mouse trap is at two or three.  As you can see, I'm not a very good record keeper perhaps because I'm surprised by the number of mice in the house this fall.  I have no idea where they are getting in and am quite certain the cat and I will continue to be diligent in reducing their house population to zero.

Yes, the grass always looks greener inside the house, but if you're a mouse you need to stay outside in the green where the living is free.

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*Participating in Five Minute Free Writes
  October 2014 - Day 27

Daybooking in October

For October 27th

Outside my window.....the sun is setting somewhere behind all those clouds.

I am thinking.....about Christmas.  Is it really going to be here in two months?  The thought is overwhelming to me.

I am thankful.....for good traveling weather.

I am khaki pants, a light blue top, and a dark brown hoodie sweatshirt over it.

I am hearing.....water running as my youngest is doing the supper dishes.

I am wondering.....if I'm allergic to something in the fall air?  I certainly sneeze a lot.

I am creating.....a sketch of an office layout.

I am unpack everything from my weekend travels and get prepared for the morning.

I am still reading....."Grace" by Max Lucado

I am praying.....for a friend whose husband recently passed away.

I am much I dislike the darkness of night that arrives before suppertime.

I am send off a package to someone this week.

On my how we really don't understand grace to actually live in grace.

From the learning rooms.....I'm enjoying hearing all the facts my 6th grader likes to share at the end of the day. What a sponge she is!

I am learning....that we can live in the pit of brokenness forever OR we can claim the healing that God's redemption brings us and live as a new creation in Him.

Noticing that.....the woods looks so bare.

I am looking forward to.....see if I can pull off the "wintering geraniums" trick.  

Pondering these words....."Discernment is NOT knowing the difference between right and wrong.  It IS knowing the difference between right and ALMOST right." ~ C.H. Spurgeon

From the kitchen.....I'll be throwing the turkey carcass into a pot of simmering water and veggies to make some soup broth for the winter.

Around the house....we are slowly putting away the flip flops and shorts and  instead we're digging out boots and warm mittens.

One of my favorite eating warm fresh applesauce in the fall. 

A few plans for the rest of the week.....include work tomorrow, Bible study night, finishing up a pile of thank you notes, and working on cleaning up our toy room.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you....

The pinks of fall.

Thank you for stopping and visiting my daybook on this day. If you'd like to visit others who are participating in the October daybook or write a journal yourself, please stop over at Peggy's at Simple Woman's Daybook

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Sunday, October 26



Visit church when you are out of town.

It would have been easy to skip church this morning since we weren't home, aren't used to getting little kids ready to go anymore, and it would mean going to Sunday school where we didn't know anyone.  However, we were up for the challenge even though the night before had been a restless one and the morning came too soon.  

Running a tad bit behind, we managed to get everyone where they needed to be and we not only enjoyed worship with fellow believers, but the Sunday school time afterwards.  I'm sooooo glad we didn't choose one or more reasons not to go because it truly was a time of blessing.

So, if you find yourself in another location on a Sunday morning, don't let the enemy talk you out of worship because you are certain to come away encouraged by a local church visit!

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  October 2014 - Day 26

Saturday, October 25



Enjoy life before it passes by too quickly!

It's nice to take a break from all the busyness and just hang out. That's what I'm doing for a long weekend as I spend time babysitting for three of my grandkids.  The traveling to do this was well worth it as the weather is absolutely gorgeous here for this late in the fall.  We've done a lot of outside  time — playing in the sandbox, swinging on the playground, chalk drawing on the sidewalk, and we even took a walk over to the library for the children's storyhour this morning.  I love listening to the chitter chatter of these little ones and realize how much I miss this age of curiosity and their simple viewpoint of the world around them.  It's like a breath of fresh air and I feel blessed to have this special time with them.  

Make sure you take a break from all that keeps you busy in life to soak in some time doing things you enjoy!

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  October 2014 - Day 25

Friday, October 24


Today's Five Minute Free Write is a part of the regular Five Minute Friday.  If you are a writer and would like to join in, it's really quite simple.  Write for five minutes on the word of the day. No editing.  Post it.  Link it up at Kate's Five Minute Friday.  Read the post before yours and leave a word of encouragement behind.  This week Kate has a giveaway that EVERYONE can participate in as a winner, so check that out, too!  The word for today is DARE. Ready?  Set?  Go!


Dare to do something WAY out of your comfort zone.

I don't mean a YOLO kind of thing or one of your bucket list items.  I mean the thing that the Lord keeps whispering in your ear kind of thing.  You know, the kind of thing that you keep thinking you need more confirmation from Him to take the next step kind of thing because you weren't sure you heard Him correctly the first time.  Ya, that one thing that really isn't your kind of thing, in fact, it's not even close to being able to use those amazing gifts and talents that He gave you.  

I dare you to do THAT THING!

Because you aren't really doing it for you, but for Him!  And it's going to be a free falling experience that is not at all in your strength or power or might.  It will all be done in His strength.  His power.  His might.  

Go ahead.  Try it. 

I'll bet after you do it, you'll be ready to take His next dare!


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  October 2014 - Day 24

Thursday, October 23



"Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise, but as wise....."(Ephesians 5:15)

You don't really think about how carefully you need to walk until you notice that it's hard to see where to walk.  Like this evening.  After a long gray rainy off and on kind of day, it's really foggy out.  We made a quick trip into town to pick up a few things and it's interesting how much fog distorts the view around you.  Suddenly everything looks different as you tend to see outlines without details until you are much closer.

Much like the world we live in right now.  Talk about foggy! No one seems to know their left from their right, up from down, ethics from immorality. How very important to seek truth and wisdom from the one Source that has been around since He created this world - God's Word - so that you can walk carefully and wisely.  Honestly, that Book has everyone a person needs for life!

So, be wise.  Walk each step with a careful wise look.

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  October 2014 - Day 23

Wednesday, October 22



Expect kids to not always do the smartest things.

After all, they aren't mini adults.  They don't have the experience or the knowledge to really understand the consequences of some of their actions.  They are learning as they go much as their parents did.  Patience during this time of training is so important as it's a wonderful opportunity to teach them the meaning of grace.  A camera could be helpful during this stage — wish we had digital cameras back when my kids were little so I could have taken lots of pictures of their antics! — so there is proof that they really did climb THAT HIGH or they really did put body lotion ALL OVER EVERYTHING as they were "cleaning". And don't forget your sense of humor.  It may be missing in the heat of the moment, but you'll probably find it sometime after you've survived one of their not very smart things.  

Above all, love them during those moments because it may be the thing they least expect!

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  October 2014 - Day 22


Tuesday, October 21



Second by second our life is measured.

In fact, if you need an exact number, there's a pin going around Pinterest right now that states we are credited with 86,400 seconds per day.  That's a lot of seconds to invest over a day as the clock keeps ticking.  

I do believe we've bought into the illusion of "someday when I have time, I can....."  Someday?  I wish you success on finding time someday, but you may someday instead discover that we can never get time back which means we must be oh so wise in how we spend our seconds now so we won't look back with regret.

Be intentional about how you live your life, yet always allow a little flexibility with an open heart for God to interrupt your day.  Those tend to be the best lived seconds of the day.

So what are you waiting for?  Time to get offline and choose not to waste another precious second!

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  October 2014 - Day 21

Monday, October 20



Fear usually results in one of two things - running away from whatever you fear OR trying to control the situation.

At this point in my life, I can easily say that neither result works.  There's actually a part of me that cringes when I see it happening in the lives of others.

A long time ago I learned this acronym for FEAR:


That acronym is appropriate because there is typically a very slim possibility of what we fear actually happening.  There's statistics out there that say there's an 80 - 90% chance of our fears and worries NOT happening, but I've also read 95%, and I have even read 99.96%.  In other words, again, our fears don't actually happen.  Instead we are robbed of valuable time and energy as we engage in fear instead of fully living our lives.

Even knowing that, some people run away which basically prolongs learning the lessons you needed to learn by facing your fear.  Stretching out that learning process is often painful.  OR you can attempt to control that situation until sooner or later you realize you cannot control all the variables and then things really get out of control in your life.

The best approach is to FACE YOUR FEAR.  Stare it down. Walk through it.  Feel it.  Seek wise counsel.  Cry as needed. Pray like crazy.  And be sure to do the most important thing: Trust that God is in control because, guess what, HE TRULY IS!  When you let go and let God take control, you'll be surprised by the results since they never play out the way YOU think they will!

Live in peace by giving God your fear.

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  October 2014 - Day 20

Sunday, October 19



Honor check, please!

There is a whole lot of honoring God with our lips that happens on Sundays — which is worshipful and wonderful — however, God's concern is when people honor Him with their lips yet their hearts are far from Him (Isaiah 29:13).

In the hustle and bustle that typically happens on a Sunday morning, when we finally arrive at church and settle into our seats, have our hearts been prepared to worship our Heavenly Father?  Has there been time to stop and do a heart check before we open our mouths to worship and honor Him with the praises that flow from our lips?  Or are our words hollow and empty from a heart that is disengaged from a long difficult week that has passed before our steps into worship?

It only takes a few minutes on a Sunday morning — or really any morning — to do a simple heart check by praying these verses....Psalm 139:23-24 - "Search me, O God, and know my heart!  Try me and know my thoughts!  And see if there by any grievous way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting!" 

Once you've done a heart check, you are able to raise your lips to Him with honor!

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  October 2014 - Day 19

Saturday, October 18



Taste a bit of Thanksgiving a bit early, I thought to myself.

However, it almost felt like, I don't know, breaking a sacred law?  I'm not sure I've ever made a turkey except for Thanksgiving.  But what's a mother to do?  

It was simple.  I just wanted to straighten out our upright freezer and get a good handle on what exactly was in there. The project was going well until a frozen turkey was staring at me on the bottom of the freezer.  Oh oh.  Totally forgot that I had bought a smaller turkey during the holiday season last year.  My plan had been to roast it primarily to use it for the makings of winter soups.

With a college son coming home for the weekend and bringing an appetite with him, I took the turkey out of the freezer and stuck it into the fridge for a week of slow defrosting. Although I felt a tad bit guilty sniffing the delicious turkey scent all not Thanksgiving afternoon, it certainly tasted great when we ate it tonight with only a few of the usual Thanksgiving meal trimmings.

Next stop will be the soup kettle as we enjoy a little more of the forbidden taste!

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  October 2014 - Day 18

Friday, October 17

a long time

Today's Five Minute Free Write is actually part of the regular Five Minute Friday.  If you are a writer and would like to join in, it's really quite simple.  Write for five minutes on the word of the day.  Post it.  Link it up at Kate's Five Minute Friday Read the post before yours and leave a word of encouragement behind.  AND Kate has a giveaway again this week!  The word for today is LONG.  Ready? Set?  GO!


Long time to be blogging, I figure.

As I logged in to write for five minutes last night, I saw that on Thursday I had written my 2,000th blog post.  Wow!  That sounds like a lot of writing to me.  It's taken me a little over seven years to write that many posts.  

I initially started my blogging adventure by writing every day. A few years into blogging, I decided to take Sundays off. Then a few years ago there were some major things happening in my life — like going to work part-time in ministry plus some personal family stuff — and my time, energy, focus, and enthusiasm for writing here took a major hit. The reality is if you aren't writing a lot and connecting with your readers at the same time, you lose your readers as well. 


Almost shut the door here, but decided to keep my blog going only on different terms.  I'll write when I'm able to.  Period. Well, except for this month when I decided to write for 31 days straight.  Guess I didn't keep my terms for very long.....


(Sorry, I got interrupted when I was writing this and went to bed without posting it!)

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  October 2014 - Day 17

Thursday, October 16



Adjust whether you like it or not because life doesn't hold still.

It seems that with a family that continues to grow up, each season brings change.  We are down to only two children in the house right now and although the decrease from nine children has been so gradual, it always feels a bit dramatic when another one flies out of the nest.

There's continuous blundering as I figure things out.  Laundry and meals and dishes and cleaning and household rules and pet care and a host of things are still out of whack around here.  It seems to be much more of a challenge to go down in family size that all those years of increasing in family size.  

Go figure.

All the thoughts and ideas and ponderings on this topic would take me much more than five minutes to write about, so I will leave it at that and revisit this topic after October.  Perhaps by then I will have it figured out, right?

So until then, I will make peace with a bit more quiet in my household - which I've longed to have for a long time - and continue to day by day adjust.

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  October 2014 - Day 16

Wednesday, October 15



Life is worth living fully.

I don't mean in the YOLO kind of way because that way really is only about you....YOU Only Live Once.  But more about the living fully by investing in others kind of way. That's the kind of living that legacies are born from.  People who love others, serve others, and invest in others from a passion within are the ones who have already discovered the secret of "it's more blessed to give than receive." 

Others focused.  And with joy!

Those are the kind of people who have crowds showing up at their memorial services because those crowds have felt the genuine love and caring by that one person.

One drop in a bucket of water can make many ripples.

Be a ripple maker by loving on others wherever you go and becoming a legacy of life!

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  October 2014 - Day 15

Tuesday, October 14



Away far away.

That is where some of my family lives right now.  It actually feels like that away far away place could be the moon because it really does feel like they are that far away.

The lack of contact is painful.  Heartbreaking.  Hard to understand.  And the pictures that cross my pathway always make me cry.  

Guess this could be a post that will take me less than five minutes to write because just thinking about them makes my heart ache hard and my eyes blur with tears.

Love doesn't stop just because someone has disappeared out of your life.  No, love still beats fiercely even when they are away far away.

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  October 2014 - Day 14

Monday, October 13



Work heartily as for the Lord and not for men.

Yup, that is the first thing that came to mind when I read the word "work".  It's a Bible verse from Colossians and is prefaced by "Whatever you do........." 

Whatever you do.  It's not only for those who are involved in ministry.  It is for everyone no matter if you are a stay at home mom, a mom who works outside the home, a single woman, a single man, pick a's for them.  It's for YOU!

Whatever God has placed before you to do, do it for Him. When you work heartily for the Lord because of your love for Him (because it truly does not earn brownie points with Him or change how much He already abundantly loves you whether you do it or not), there is a peace and joy that fills your heart.  

And when that happens, you discover it truly wasn't work.

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  October 2014 - Day 12

Sunday, October 12



Rest is for the unweary, too.

We often think that in our busy lives we'll make time for rest when we are really tired.  However, it seems much easier to just keep going because there's things to do, people to see, places to go, projects to finish....AND we really want to do all those things especially when we momentum working with us.

However, if we wait until we are really really tired to rest, it may be that we've waited too long and it will take even longer to recharge.  Plus we may have run ourselves right down to becoming sick and being forced to stop.

The reality is that God didn't create us to go go go go go.  As our Creator, He knew we'd need to rest and set the example for us by resting from all His works on the seventh day. Taking the time to rest once a week - and I mean really rest - keeps you from reaching that point of exhaustion that can be so hard to recover from.  

That weekly break in an unweary state of mind can be the perfect opportunity to review, reflect, regroup, recharge - providing an even better quality of life for the week ahead. 

It's worth a try, don't you think, to spend one day a week to just rest.

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  October 2014 - Day 12

Saturday, October 11



Teach your children well.

If you've chosen homeschooling as the way you want to teach your children, hopefully you've made great use of the resources, materials, support, and encouragement found online.  And better yet, may you have some favorite homeschooling blogs that you'd love to recommend to others as nominations are currently being accepted for the annual Homeschool Blog Awards.  This is the 10th year that The Homeschool Post has been rounding up favorite homeschool writers who bless us in a variety of ways.  There's 20 different nomination categories to pick from covering just about any kind of homeschooling family out there.  You may only have a few favorites, but please nominate them and then when voting time comes you'll be introduced to hundreds of other homeschooling blogs to visit as well. 

What are you waiting for?  Go to the 2014 Homeschool Blog Awards page now for all the information about the awards that are for those who love to be at home to teach.

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  October 2014 - Day 11

Friday, October 10


Today's Five Minute Free Write is actually part of a grand collection of writers who are all writing on the same word. It's quite simple if you'd like to join in.  Write for five minutes on the word of the day.  Post it.  Link it up at Kate's Five Minute Friday.  Read the post before yours and leave a word of encouragement behind (and feel free to repeat several times as there are many great short reads to be found!)  As an added bonus for today, Kate is offering a giveaway!  The word for today is care.....ready?  set?  go!


Care, with gentle handling, especially when it comes to hearts.

The woman ahead of me in the line at the post office mentioned to the postmaster that the item in the box he held of hers as he was weighing it was fragile.  He questioned whether she had packed it well enough to protect it.  In fact, he asked her if he took the box and threw it hard on the floor whether or not it would remain unbroken.  She felt confident it would be fine as he stuck the mailing label on it.

It made me think of our hearts.  We often carefully wrap them up with protection - especially if they've been hurt, bruised, and broken in the past - as we cautiously welcome new people into our lives.  Our arms open wider and the layers fall away as we get to know one another.  We exercise care when handling one another's hearts during years of being real.  And then unexpectedly and quite suddenly the box with our heart in it is thrown hard on the floor.  Our confidence was shaken as the broken pieces could be heard when the box was picked back up from the floor.

Hardened hearts never have that problem.  Only those of us with tender hearts that love others and desire to be loved back.  Perhaps we need to wear labels that say "fragile"......please handle gently with care.


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  October 2014 - Day 10

Thursday, October 9



Join Him in His work as there's lots to do!

However, you might need to do some "housecleaning" first. My morning devotional shared this:

"While we are burdened with our own cares, He cannot give us His.  While we are occupied with ourselves, we cannot be at leisure to serve Him.  Our minds will be so filled with our own anxieties that we would not be equal to the trust which He requires of us, and so, He wants to deliver us from every burden and anxiety."    ~ A.B.Simpson

Have you ever thought about how what is happening in your own life can have an affect on how you can serve God?  When things are rumbling around in your own life, it truly is hard to have the peace within to be able to allow God's love to flow out of you into the lives of other people.  Not that we will ever be perfect, but taking on God's work does require placing all of our cares on Him and not picking them back up.  Sounds impossible, but is possible WITH His help.

Take some time to do your necessary "housecleaning", and then see what work He wants you to join!

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  October 2014 - Day 9

Wednesday, October 8



Say it like it is, please.

This past week I have met with women who have very openly and honestly shared where they are with life situations.  They didn't tiptoe over words, but allowed the words to tumble out as I quickly as I could catch them.  I listened intently hearing key words that I could respond to from my heart.  Real conversations that impacted both the speaker and the listener.

Those kinds of conversations are much more appealing to me than a lack of conversation that causes me to attempt to read between the lines.  My imagination doesn't tiptoe over words, but instead  seeks a way to provide a narrative that may never fit between the lines.  Listening intently to nothingness only distances the heart from engaging in relationship.  And perhaps that is what the non-speaker wants?

It brings me back to believing that in order to build relationships, real conversations are one of the best tools, wouldn't you say?

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  October 2014 - Day 8

Tuesday, October 7



Go into the garden and clean it up for the season!

At least that is what my mind keeps whispering to me.  And I keep arguing with it because there's still green things growing in my garden right now.

And then I hear it again....go into the garden and clean it up for the season because we are a week into October.

And once again I come back with the argument that there's still green stuff growing in my garden.

What a weird summer of gardening it has been which is why I continue to drag my feet.  My potato plants are typically dying off at the end of August into early September which is when I dig them up.  But this year?  My potato plants are still green and growing.  The corn stalks from the garden are pulled when they turn that wonderful golden brown in September and are tied together to decoratively cheer up our entryway outside.  But this year?  Still green even if they aren't growing much.  The carrots still have wonderfully full green feathery tops and I pull a few out each morning for my smoothie.  The onion plants still had tall green tops when I pulled them out of the garden last week.  I would have left them in longer, too, but needed them to avoid the snow which I knew would sweeten them too much.  

I know that the green of the garden won't last too much longer as the daylight shortens and the days no longer will rebound with the warm of the sun.  Perhaps then I will go?

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  October 2014 - Day 7

Monday, October 6



Know that God loves your children even more than you do.

Hard to believe there's a love that is deeper or more abundant or the kind that leans heavily toward the unconditional spectrum AND that's greater than a mother's love, but there is.  

God's love is beyond measure for each one of us.  

Knowing that fact is helpful when your children are young and you are pouring into their lives.  Knowing that fact is even much more helpful when your children become young adults and other people are pouring into their lives.  You know without a doubt that you can trust God with your kids when they are no longer in your sight because of His great love for them.

Doesn't mean you stop praying for them once they've flown the nest.  Nope, I doubt that you ever stop praying for your children. It just means that the most important One who perceives all things and can move on their behalf in any situation is THE One in the know. 

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  October 2014 - Day 6

Sunday, October 5



Stuck on rejoicing?

As I looked at the verse on my calendar page for October - "Rejoice in the Lord always; again I say, rejoice!" ~ Philippians 4:4 - I thought about the possibility of rejoicing always. 

Getting stuck - fastened, cemented, fixed, secured, locked in, unmoved, steadfast (and a whole bunch of other words) - on rejoicing always.  Truly, this would be a positive kind of thing to be stuck doing. 

Our tendency is to rejoice when things are going well, so it would mean doing something counter to our human nature, don't you think?   

The key to me is knowing and trusting that God will use all things for His purposes and His plan.  Even the things that don't go well, look bad from the outside, seem like disasters. He will use those very things to bring glory to Himself and part of that glory does come through us rejoicing always.

So how about intentionally spending this month rejoicing until you feel stuck!

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*Participating in Five Minute Free Writes
  October 2014 - Day 5

Saturday, October 4



Learn the lessons well.

I've been known to say this to my children when they are younger when we are doing our school lessons.  Learn the lessons well because each year in each subject everything builds on what you've already learned.  So, if you've learned the lessons well, it's much easier to learn more about those subjects.

It was always the same process with learning Bible verses when my kids went to AWANA Club.  They'd learn a few words of a verse when they were Cubbies ( 3 and 4 years old) and each year they'd build on that verse until it ended up being several consecutive verses.  A great way to hide God's Word in your heart making life ahead easier when you needed to remember those verses to help you in life situations.

AND it's best to commit to memory life lessons, too, because those are the kinds of lessons you don't want to have to repeat or review.  They tend to come from painful consequences of not fully grasping a lesson the first time or two.  

Determine that everything that comes through your life is a lesson worth the time to learn!

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  October 14 - Day 4
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