Thursday, October 16



Adjust whether you like it or not because life doesn't hold still.

It seems that with a family that continues to grow up, each season brings change.  We are down to only two children in the house right now and although the decrease from nine children has been so gradual, it always feels a bit dramatic when another one flies out of the nest.

There's continuous blundering as I figure things out.  Laundry and meals and dishes and cleaning and household rules and pet care and a host of things are still out of whack around here.  It seems to be much more of a challenge to go down in family size that all those years of increasing in family size.  

Go figure.

All the thoughts and ideas and ponderings on this topic would take me much more than five minutes to write about, so I will leave it at that and revisit this topic after October.  Perhaps by then I will have it figured out, right?

So until then, I will make peace with a bit more quiet in my household - which I've longed to have for a long time - and continue to day by day adjust.

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  October 2014 - Day 16


Kimmie said...

thank you for sharing your wisdom. thank you for being such a faithful influence on my life. thank you for continuing to be my friend, even when I haven't been one back.

I imagine the adusting is heartfelt and emotionally draining. I imagine the changes bring quiet that was longed for, but longing for the commotion that once was.

life does change. us too. thankfully God walks with us through each season teaching us as we look to Him.

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

Kimmie said...

hmm (adjusting) would have been a better word to use than adusting, lol. So very out of blogging or commenting that it seems totally new to me. Guess it is time to learn it again ;-)


Tammy said...

Oh, my dear Kimmie! So delighted to hear from you, my friend. Life has been way too busy! We need to catch up and do an "adusting" of our conversations of old (dust them off, right? :::wink:::)

Tammy ~@~

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