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Today's Five Minute Free Write is actually part of a grand collection of writers who are all writing on the same word. It's quite simple if you'd like to join in.  Write for five minutes on the word of the day.  Post it.  Link it up at Kate's Five Minute Friday.  Read the post before yours and leave a word of encouragement behind (and feel free to repeat several times as there are many great short reads to be found!)  As an added bonus for today, Kate is offering a giveaway!  The word for today is care.....ready?  set?  go!


Care, with gentle handling, especially when it comes to hearts.

The woman ahead of me in the line at the post office mentioned to the postmaster that the item in the box he held of hers as he was weighing it was fragile.  He questioned whether she had packed it well enough to protect it.  In fact, he asked her if he took the box and threw it hard on the floor whether or not it would remain unbroken.  She felt confident it would be fine as he stuck the mailing label on it.

It made me think of our hearts.  We often carefully wrap them up with protection - especially if they've been hurt, bruised, and broken in the past - as we cautiously welcome new people into our lives.  Our arms open wider and the layers fall away as we get to know one another.  We exercise care when handling one another's hearts during years of being real.  And then unexpectedly and quite suddenly the box with our heart in it is thrown hard on the floor.  Our confidence was shaken as the broken pieces could be heard when the box was picked back up from the floor.

Hardened hearts never have that problem.  Only those of us with tender hearts that love others and desire to be loved back.  Perhaps we need to wear labels that say "fragile"......please handle gently with care.


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  October 2014 - Day 10


Brenda said...

Great post!! I will be thinking on this all day...thank you!

Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely post.

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