Wednesday, October 1



Move from writing to speaking.  

Seems like it would be an easy challenge to write a presentation, then read it aloud to a large group of people. But you really don't realize how many tongue twisters there are, words that clunk next to each other, or how things that flow when you write and read them in your mind tend to sink to the bottom when spoken.  

It makes me wonder if those who love to speak to groups have the opposite problem?  Do they have a hard time translating all those words they say into a written format with neat sentences, proper grammar, and words that flow easily as you read them in your mind?

Pondering such things is my method of procrastinating as I read aloud my presentation again, change words again, and figure out where to raise and lower my voice for dramatic effect.

Let's just say it isn't an easy move.

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  October 2014 - Day 1

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