Thursday, October 2



View the trees quickly because it's raining leaves!

Truly, the sound of leaves falling outside my window when I woke up in the morning actually mimicked the typical pitter patter of raindrops.  It took getting out of bed and actually looking out the window to verify there was no rain in the air, only leaves being tossed in the breeze before they hit the ground.  

Saying good-bye to the brilliance of the colors as they fall to the ground isn't easy to do because you know what comes next....the grays and browns of the woods that will be hanging around for a long time.  A long time like seven to eight months worth.   

It's time to think about things to do as we begin the season of hunkering down indoors.  My hope is to catch up on quilting as I'm so far behind on "owed" quilts.  It seems that the colors and designs that dance on fabric will be a much more delightful scene for my eyes to view.

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  October 2014 - Day 2

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