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New to you, old to me. 

During the garage sale that our family had last month, one of my sons came home from college to help.  While I was busy handling the sales, he kept busy finding old stuff around here to sell.  He'd find something, dust it off a bit, and I was amazed by how quickly that very item would go home with a buyer.  Old bikes, old desks, an old record player, old hats, old lamps, an old table, old sporting equipment, old this and old that.  

It felt good to be dejunking the house of some of the old stuff around here as there definitely is a sense of well-being and freedom by a bit of decluttering.  But, we have a long way to go as this household has been busy with family raising activities for over 33 years. In other words, there's lots of STUFF stuffed everywhere!  

It's a process that we can keep working on through out the winter as we sort through closets and drawers and stuffed places looking for the old to put into next year's garage sale.  

I'm already looking forward to saying, "SOLD!" to someone who felt like they just bought something new.

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  October 2014 - Day 3


Annette said...

i just love doing yard sales. both the selling and the buying. It's just fun you know? :)

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Tammy said...

It seems I hardly have time to stop and do much buying these days which is probably good because it would mean I'd need to be doing more selling! lol

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