Monday, October 27

Daybooking in October

For October 27th

Outside my window.....the sun is setting somewhere behind all those clouds.

I am thinking.....about Christmas.  Is it really going to be here in two months?  The thought is overwhelming to me.

I am thankful.....for good traveling weather.

I am khaki pants, a light blue top, and a dark brown hoodie sweatshirt over it.

I am hearing.....water running as my youngest is doing the supper dishes.

I am wondering.....if I'm allergic to something in the fall air?  I certainly sneeze a lot.

I am creating.....a sketch of an office layout.

I am unpack everything from my weekend travels and get prepared for the morning.

I am still reading....."Grace" by Max Lucado

I am praying.....for a friend whose husband recently passed away.

I am much I dislike the darkness of night that arrives before suppertime.

I am send off a package to someone this week.

On my how we really don't understand grace to actually live in grace.

From the learning rooms.....I'm enjoying hearing all the facts my 6th grader likes to share at the end of the day. What a sponge she is!

I am learning....that we can live in the pit of brokenness forever OR we can claim the healing that God's redemption brings us and live as a new creation in Him.

Noticing that.....the woods looks so bare.

I am looking forward to.....see if I can pull off the "wintering geraniums" trick.  

Pondering these words....."Discernment is NOT knowing the difference between right and wrong.  It IS knowing the difference between right and ALMOST right." ~ C.H. Spurgeon

From the kitchen.....I'll be throwing the turkey carcass into a pot of simmering water and veggies to make some soup broth for the winter.

Around the house....we are slowly putting away the flip flops and shorts and  instead we're digging out boots and warm mittens.

One of my favorite eating warm fresh applesauce in the fall. 

A few plans for the rest of the week.....include work tomorrow, Bible study night, finishing up a pile of thank you notes, and working on cleaning up our toy room.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you....

The pinks of fall.

Thank you for stopping and visiting my daybook on this day. If you'd like to visit others who are participating in the October daybook or write a journal yourself, please stop over at Peggy's at Simple Woman's Daybook

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