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Fear usually results in one of two things - running away from whatever you fear OR trying to control the situation.

At this point in my life, I can easily say that neither result works.  There's actually a part of me that cringes when I see it happening in the lives of others.

A long time ago I learned this acronym for FEAR:


That acronym is appropriate because there is typically a very slim possibility of what we fear actually happening.  There's statistics out there that say there's an 80 - 90% chance of our fears and worries NOT happening, but I've also read 95%, and I have even read 99.96%.  In other words, again, our fears don't actually happen.  Instead we are robbed of valuable time and energy as we engage in fear instead of fully living our lives.

Even knowing that, some people run away which basically prolongs learning the lessons you needed to learn by facing your fear.  Stretching out that learning process is often painful.  OR you can attempt to control that situation until sooner or later you realize you cannot control all the variables and then things really get out of control in your life.

The best approach is to FACE YOUR FEAR.  Stare it down. Walk through it.  Feel it.  Seek wise counsel.  Cry as needed. Pray like crazy.  And be sure to do the most important thing: Trust that God is in control because, guess what, HE TRULY IS!  When you let go and let God take control, you'll be surprised by the results since they never play out the way YOU think they will!

Live in peace by giving God your fear.

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  October 2014 - Day 20

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