Tuesday, October 7



Go into the garden and clean it up for the season!

At least that is what my mind keeps whispering to me.  And I keep arguing with it because there's still green things growing in my garden right now.

And then I hear it again....go into the garden and clean it up for the season because we are a week into October.

And once again I come back with the argument that there's still green stuff growing in my garden.

What a weird summer of gardening it has been which is why I continue to drag my feet.  My potato plants are typically dying off at the end of August into early September which is when I dig them up.  But this year?  My potato plants are still green and growing.  The corn stalks from the garden are pulled when they turn that wonderful golden brown in September and are tied together to decoratively cheer up our entryway outside.  But this year?  Still green even if they aren't growing much.  The carrots still have wonderfully full green feathery tops and I pull a few out each morning for my smoothie.  The onion plants still had tall green tops when I pulled them out of the garden last week.  I would have left them in longer, too, but needed them to avoid the snow which I knew would sweeten them too much.  

I know that the green of the garden won't last too much longer as the daylight shortens and the days no longer will rebound with the warm of the sun.  Perhaps then I will go?

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  October 2014 - Day 7

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