Thursday, October 9



Join Him in His work as there's lots to do!

However, you might need to do some "housecleaning" first. My morning devotional shared this:

"While we are burdened with our own cares, He cannot give us His.  While we are occupied with ourselves, we cannot be at leisure to serve Him.  Our minds will be so filled with our own anxieties that we would not be equal to the trust which He requires of us, and so, He wants to deliver us from every burden and anxiety."    ~ A.B.Simpson

Have you ever thought about how what is happening in your own life can have an affect on how you can serve God?  When things are rumbling around in your own life, it truly is hard to have the peace within to be able to allow God's love to flow out of you into the lives of other people.  Not that we will ever be perfect, but taking on God's work does require placing all of our cares on Him and not picking them back up.  Sounds impossible, but is possible WITH His help.

Take some time to do your necessary "housecleaning", and then see what work He wants you to join!

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*Participating in Five Minute Free Writes
  October 2014 - Day 9

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