Monday, October 6



Know that God loves your children even more than you do.

Hard to believe there's a love that is deeper or more abundant or the kind that leans heavily toward the unconditional spectrum AND that's greater than a mother's love, but there is.  

God's love is beyond measure for each one of us.  

Knowing that fact is helpful when your children are young and you are pouring into their lives.  Knowing that fact is even much more helpful when your children become young adults and other people are pouring into their lives.  You know without a doubt that you can trust God with your kids when they are no longer in your sight because of His great love for them.

Doesn't mean you stop praying for them once they've flown the nest.  Nope, I doubt that you ever stop praying for your children. It just means that the most important One who perceives all things and can move on their behalf in any situation is THE One in the know. 

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  October 2014 - Day 6

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