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Learn the lessons well.

I've been known to say this to my children when they are younger when we are doing our school lessons.  Learn the lessons well because each year in each subject everything builds on what you've already learned.  So, if you've learned the lessons well, it's much easier to learn more about those subjects.

It was always the same process with learning Bible verses when my kids went to AWANA Club.  They'd learn a few words of a verse when they were Cubbies ( 3 and 4 years old) and each year they'd build on that verse until it ended up being several consecutive verses.  A great way to hide God's Word in your heart making life ahead easier when you needed to remember those verses to help you in life situations.

AND it's best to commit to memory life lessons, too, because those are the kinds of lessons you don't want to have to repeat or review.  They tend to come from painful consequences of not fully grasping a lesson the first time or two.  

Determine that everything that comes through your life is a lesson worth the time to learn!

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  October 14 - Day 4

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