Wednesday, October 8



Say it like it is, please.

This past week I have met with women who have very openly and honestly shared where they are with life situations.  They didn't tiptoe over words, but allowed the words to tumble out as I quickly as I could catch them.  I listened intently hearing key words that I could respond to from my heart.  Real conversations that impacted both the speaker and the listener.

Those kinds of conversations are much more appealing to me than a lack of conversation that causes me to attempt to read between the lines.  My imagination doesn't tiptoe over words, but instead  seeks a way to provide a narrative that may never fit between the lines.  Listening intently to nothingness only distances the heart from engaging in relationship.  And perhaps that is what the non-speaker wants?

It brings me back to believing that in order to build relationships, real conversations are one of the best tools, wouldn't you say?

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  October 2014 - Day 8

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