Tuesday, October 28



Wake up early morning to the sound of the cat hacking up a hairball.  It's really earlier than you want to get out of bed, yet you don't want to turn on the lights to see exactly where it is because then for sure you'll be wide awake.  So instead you try to go back to sleep only you can't really go back to sleep because your mind is wondering exactly where the hairball is on your bedroom floor and you really don't want to step on it when you do wake up and crawl out of bed.  By this time you are busy trying to get your mind not to think about the hairball, so you start thinking about something else which really gets your mind busy.  Determining that you've wasted 45 minutes in bed with this whole silly hacking up a hairball episode, you finally throw off the covers and carefully step over to the bathroom where you can turn on the dimmer light switch so you peer back into the bedroom.  Aha!  Grabbing the hairball with a kleenex and  a bit of thankfulness that it isn't one of those sloppy gooey ones, it's swiftly tossed into the garbage and the dimmer light switch is now off with a quick dash back into bed.

Before you say a comfy ahhhhhhh, the clock tells you it's time to arise and wake......

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  October 2014 - Day 28

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