Saturday, November 15

a thunderous fall

A prayer request was shared with me today that took my breath away.  A situation that was devastating to hear about and will have far reaching ripples into the lives of many other people. I feel stunned.  Unable to focus and wavering between praying and wanting to have one of those ugly sobbing fests.

Of course, the main question is WHY, God?  How does a believer get pulled so far away from God's truth to fall so far from God?  Is it that our culture — the enemy really — has been desensitizing all of us to what sin is that it's losing its ugliness? Its darkness?   I mean really, the word SIN has become antiquated these days.  Unrecognizable.  

Yet it's ever present.  Ever waiting.  And only a breath away for anyone of us to fall into as not a single person on this planet is immune from its pull.

That's why we need to cling to the One who has conquered sin.  Jesus.  

And that's why we need to pray for those who have fallen big and for those who are feeling the ripples of pain from that fall.  

Lord, have mercy!  Give us the strength to help us stand firm in You!

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