Tuesday, November 11

clearly in the blur

Yup, this was the view out my window early this morning. Not much of a view, eh?  Snowy, very windy, leaving the woods looking like a fuzzy blur.  I didn't need to open my window to know that the view was also cold.

"Can't see the forest for the trees" came to mind.  

"Every snowflake is unique and one-of-a-kind" also came to mind.

In other words, sometimes you can't pick out a single detail because life is such a fuzzy blur.  Other times you are so busy looking at every little detail of your life under a microscope that you miss the big picture.

As I thought about those two opposite and contrary ideas, I was startled by the thought that sometimes the two can both be happening at the same time in your life.  Really, they can.

Have you ever experienced that?

Over the past few years I've looked at a lot of details of my life up close and personal and yet that vantage point hasn't made my vision for the future any clearer.  So that takes me back to square one which is....trust God.  For every moment. For every detail.  For every step.  For my future.

Pretty simple actually, don't you think?

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