Friday, November 28

don't forget to give

The day after Thanksgiving has collided with taking  five minutes to write about one word with a community of others. Write with no editing, post it at Kate's Five Minute Friday, follow the link before yours leaving behind a word of encouragement.  The word for today is GIVE.  Ready?  Set? Write!


There's something that happens when you become a mother. You are more or less forced to learn how to give give give to your family sacrificially.  The thing is, however, that those little ones grasp your heart so tightly that it doesn't really feel sacrificial most of the time.  It feels more like "I'd go to the moon and back for you because I love you so."

In the process, you lose who you are.

In the process, you keep giving because you truly do love your family with all your heart.

Then they grow up, come back home for visits, and expect the same giving giving giving.  Their attitude collides with the process you've been traveling in recent years of finding out who the missing person of you really is.  

And with tears you wonder how you failed so miserably in modeling to them the gift of giving and serving from the heart?  To give and to serve because of love?


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Unknown said...

as a new mom, thank you for your words today. Most of my giving feels very much like giving as I wake up for night feedings and wonder if I will ever feel rested. Keep loving your kids and living by example, as a "grown up kid" trust me when I say, we notice the sacrifice of our moms. -visiting from fmf

iwillbloom said...

Oh my, I posted a piece so similar on my blog today.....and your ending has had me in tears (my children are still little). I feel for you, I really do. Sending you all my best wishes, a fellow FMF-er.

Richelle Wright said...

i think back to my days as a young adult and remember how i did the same to my mom... and now my biggers are moving into that young adult stage and i'm starting to get glimpses of that.

i'm not sure how to find the balance between modeling sacrificial giving out of a heart of love - while still insisting on opportunities that they give just because it is the right thing to do.

so hard...

Tammy said...

All good things to ponder. And I do have to say that I have great kids who are hard workers, love God, and serve greatly in the places He has placed them in. It's just a different mentality, I think, when they arrive home. I do love serving them, but they are also old enough to pitch in (many hands make light work) so that I can relax with them. Fortunately it does get better as they hit the end of their 20's :-)

Tammy ~@~

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