Wednesday, November 26

Good Food making

Sooooo, cruising through recipes to find some new gluten free ones for Thanksgiving and as always find it hard to duplicate our old favorites without a lot of extra new ingredients and time.  What a delight to find a recipe that mentioned using Progresso™ Vegetable Classics Creamy Mushroom Soup! Gluten Free!  Of course, I haven't yet used it and can't guarantee it actually tastes good (you know how that goes with GF stuff), but I'm hopeful enough to try it.  Also received a tip that the local natural foods store had a boxed GF plain stuffing mix that was selling like hotcakes, so I'm trying that, too!  (sorry, forgot to take a picture)  Picked up GF pie crusts while I was there as those worked well last year.

My break is over.......back to pie making!

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