Friday, November 7

only place to turn

Friday is here once again, so it's time for some fast writing. Here's the deal - you write about one particular word for five minutes without editing. Post it.  Link it up over at Kate's Five Minute Friday.  Read the post before yours and leave a blessing behind.  Simple!  Here's the word for today - TURN. Ready?  Set?  GO!


This really hasn't been an easy week for me.  In fact, it's been a miserable week.  Primarily, I'm just not a fan of November. Period.  And that is for several reasons.  The time change and the complete darkness by late afternoon.  The cold weather and the arrival of snow which is still on the ground (and we just so happen to have light snow flurries at the moment! grrrrr!) The woods which has pretty much lost all it's color and is a lot of brown and gray.  The lack of sunshine.  

Then throw in the elections of national, state, and local politicians and all the rhetoric that comes from them as well as a phone that rings constantly with all sides shouting out a message.

Then throw in having to send off a package in the mail that brought with it the renewal of heart rendering pain of an unresolved situation. 

Then throw in finding out about a little bit of undercover deception of a teenager. 

My mood went sour. My heart was done.  My own strength to deal with any of it was gone.

I knew I could only turn in one direction at this point.  To God.  My whisper was :::help me:::

And He ever so faithfully did just that.


Tammy ~@~


Carrie McCoy said...

Hi Tammy! It's strange how certain months and times of the year can put us in sour moods. I feel that way about the month of January. Praise the Lord for lifting your spirits. I will lift you up in prayer this afternoon. Blessings, Carrie from FMF

Jerralea said...

Isn't it great that we know where to turn during a difficult season of life? And just like you pointed out, He is faithful to help.

Thanks for the reminder!

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