Friday, November 14

real peace? real still?

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One of my very favorite passages of Scripture is of Jesus calming the storm.  My very favorite version of it is actually found in the Jesus Storybook Bible (I love this Bible and wrote about it a long time ago right HERE).  In fact, I actually read that specific story from that specific Bible a few weeks ago in front of church as part of a testimony about God's Word.  I know, rather odd, but it worked for me.

In that Scripture passage, I love that the storm was really really raging and Jesus slept.  When he awoke, it was a simple, "Peace! Be still!" which was followed by a great calm of the wind and waves.  That was real peace.  Real still.

Are we able to do that in our quiet moments?  Find that real peace, that real still?  Because I think that a lot of times we can hunker down in the quiet to spend time with the Lord when everyone in the house is sleeping and although we are silent and undisturbed on the outside, there's a lot of restless ruffled up far from tranquil waves and wind within.  And you know what the honest truth is?  Sometimes we'd like Jesus to keep sleeping so WE can figure out the best way to calm the storm.

It's often only when the waves and wind are about to throw us totally overboard that we truly do give it all over to Jesus. We let go of us.  We hold onto Him.  And that's when we can find real peace.  Real still.


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Anonymous said...

I looove the Jesus storybook Bible (wish she would do a sequel with more stories!) You are right, it is hard to be peaceful with Jesus, but I am looking so hard to find those times because they are so precious to me! Im your neighbor over at fmf.

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