Monday, November 3

the last of the garden

(snow amongst the strawberry leaves)

Back and forth I went once it snowed last week - if the snow is going to melt, the carrots will be fine....if the snow is going to hang around, then I need to pull the carrots out of the garden.

Can I just say I really love love love pulling fresh carrots out of my garden in the morning for my smoothies?!  But I  faced the reality last winter that I can't leave the carrots out in my garden — even with straw covering them  — because my garden gate freezes which doesn't allow me access into the garden.

So it warmed up enough that most of the snow melted (YAY!) and the carrots happily stayed tucked into their garden bed. Then this morning I checked the forecast and extended forecast, and I knew the time had come as too many cold with a possibility of snow days were ahead.

(pulling a carrot or two or twenty)

Recruited a garden helper with garden clothes on as we pulled what was left of a wonderful summer crop of carrots.

The carrots came in all sizes and shapes, but we were especially delighted with the longer straighter ones since they are easy to peel.

Unexpectedly, we ended up with two containers full of carrots which was many more than would fit in the refrigerator veggie drawer.  So that meant we also ended up with an unexpected project this afternoon of canning all the carrots that wouldn't fit in the drawer.  And also quite unexpectedly, my garden helper said she's LOVE to peel them!  So, she was busy peeling while I was digging out the canner and the jars and the lids.  As soon as that was all set, I worked hard to catch up to her by being the carrot slicer.

How nice it was to hear the pop pop pop of lids once we pulled the jars out of the canner tonight!

I can now officially say my garden is done for this season. Whew!  Time for it to rest under a layer of snow for several months and perhaps we can get caught up on life INDOORS.

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