Tuesday, November 18

the color of schooling

Since winter has decided to come early, all my outdoor work is done for awhile with the exception of shoveling which I do minimally, if at all.  Knowing how busy life gets once we get past Thanksgiving, I decided to work on a couple of indoor projects around the house.  No, not really projects, but areas that have been driving me a tad bit crazy because they are chaotic.  

Like the school cabinet in our kitchen.  It was jam packed with a variety of things such as spiral notebooks, school folders, crayons, pencils, loose papers, markers, old coloring books, textbooks, and tons of miscellaneous.  The task was one of separating, sorting, tossing, and putting away. 

This is the colorful accumulation of pencils, crayons, markers, and some of the miscellaneous that will be going back into the school cabinet. I should say, this is the collection that I kept as all the little pieces of crayons, stubby pencils, dried up markers, and broken pens were tossed into the garbage.  I'm thinking that we have enough pencils and crayons to not only last the rest of our homeschooling years, but well into eternity if we could take them with us.  

Without a doubt, it feels so much better to have that area cleaned up and organized again.  On to my next project.....

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