Sunday, December 28

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Catching up AGAIN.  Actually, I've been held up because the photo of the day for the 23rd was 'baking'....and truth is, I just started my holiday baking, ummm, TODAY, ummm, which is the 28th.

day 23 - baking

As I said, I began my holiday backing today and started it with one of our favorite cookies - rainbow cookies.  They need to be chilled for a couple of hours, so I mixed them up as the first of all the chilled recipes.  That way they can chill while I'm doing other baking.

day 24 - loved ones

My youngest was honored to start the Christmas Eve worship service at church with a solo as she sang the modern version of Away in a Manger.  She was very nervous but did beautifully with many thanks to our friend who played the guitar for her.

day 25 - aftermath

A peek at part of our post-present wrapping pile.

day 26 - busy

Most of our family followed what has been a Christmas Day tradition for the past few years - a day of downhill skiing.  It tends to be a quiet day on the slopes and they have a blast.  I was one of the stay-homers and spent most of the day finishing up handmade Christmas ornaments.  (Do you see a theme here?  I was behind with EVERYTHING this year!) Here's a peek at a bunch of the ski boots drying out at the end of the day.

day 27 - relax

After much busyness, my son's dog finally settled for a nap. I'm not sure this could properly be titled 'relax' as he's only partially relaxed as he awaits someone coming toward the door to let him back out to run run run.  But at least he's trying to relax and rest.

day 28 - fresh

The coffee this morning came from freshly ground fancy coffee beans that were gently processed through the press.

And now I'm caught up again!  Whew!  It's pretty busy around here, but hopefully I'll be able to gracefully finish up the challenge for December.

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