Friday, December 5


Have you noticed how quickly Friday comes each week?  It's once again time to gather with other writers all over the place to write for five minutes on one word.  No editing.  Post your link on this word over at Kate's Five Minute Friday and be sure to click on the link before yours to leave a word or two of encouragement.  The word for today is DEAR.  Ready?  Set? Write!


Each time I see the word of the week and begin thinking about it, I always try to write on the first thought that comes to mind without over thinking.  First glance at today's word DEAR brought up this:

"All I once held dear, built my life upon....."

This line is the first line of a song by Graham Kendrick entitled Knowing You.

Our lives are such a journey. As I grow older and consider all I once held dear in this world I live in, I find it lacking.  It is loss, it is spent, it is worthless when compared to knowing Jesus.  Because knowing Jesus is the only thing that will truly be solid in a world of craziness.  Knowing Jesus brings you truth and love and hope.  Knowing Jesus is the only thing that will get you through the many storms of life. The bottom line is that knowing Jesus is THE most important thing to hold dear.

Here's a beautiful version (because there are so many flower pictures!) of this song:    Knowing You


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Katie Reid said...

Stopping over from FMF. I love that song Knowing You!:)

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