Monday, December 1

from great to mega

The verse for December -  "I bring you good news of great joy for all the people." ~ Luke 2:10  

I love this passage of Scripture.  The setting is so incredible - shepherds out in the field keeping watch over their sheep at night.  My mind pictures the shepherds gathered around campfires and takes me back to memories around our own family campfires through the years.  Mesmerized by the dancing flames of the fire, giving those who constantly need to poke the fire with a stick a hard time, s'more messes on our faces and hands (probably not s'mores back then, eh?), and then, of course, the stories that are told.  

Yes, consider the setting when an angel of the Lord appeared to them with the glory of the Lord shining around them.  I know how hearing a twig in the woods behind us can cause everyone around a campfire to JUMP, so when the verse says the shepherds were filled with fear when the angel appeared, I'm tempted to guess that's an understatement.  If that weren't enough, what the angel shared must have been just as incredible.  

Good news of great joy for all people.

I have the word 'great' circled in my Bible with the word MEGA written by it.  

Good news of MEGA joy for all people. 

How about spending the month of December sharing with others about that MEGA joy?  Up for the challenge? It's good news that the entire world needs to hear about. Good news that brings hope.  Good news that came into the world wrapped in blankets.  Our Savior and Salvation. Jesus.  He's pretty mega, just sayin'.......

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joan said...

Thoroughly enjoyed stopped by and checking out your blog, Tammy. I am joyful today for so many reasons. The Lord awakened to thrive one more day, living out my calling, running towards my destiny, and reaching and blessings others. I am so grateful for the reservoir of joy, hope, and peace we have because of Jesus!

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