Saturday, December 13

the cutting of the tree

day 13 - tree

A family tradition that we've had for quite a few years is to travel to the closest tree farm.  It's fun to jump out of our warm vehicle and into the crisp cold air to tramp up and down the rows of Christmas trees to find the one that is perfect for our family.  The problem tends to be that everyone has a favorite tree that they think should be THE tree for the year. So, there's a lot of back and forth until we come to the conclusion of which one will the THE tree as the saw is placed at the base, the tree is cut down, and dragged out to the road.

This year's tree looked to be smaller than what we've picked before, but it's actually a perfect fit for the spot it's in. There's nothing like that fresh pine scent in the air and the glow of the tree lights in the evening.  Mmmm mmmm, good!

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