Monday, December 22

the flying days.....

Looks like I need to catch up on several days for my photo challenge this month!  It's been much too busy.....

day 17 - gift

Not all gifts come wrapped and ribboned, but are simple acts of service for others.  We had record inches of snow in November and my son-in-law shoveled our roof.  What a wonderful gift!

day 18 - happy

One of my sons graduated from college on Saturday and look what I received from him - a dozen beautiful roses!  Flowers - especially received in the winter - instantly make my heart happy.

day 19 - decorations

One of the fun angels that I found at a craft show many years ago.  

day 20 - mail 

The best part of this season is the mail that arrives each day - cards, letters, and photos.

day 21 - front door

Expecting wreaths and lights and pretty decorations?  Not on this front door. This is the main entry point for our woodburner, so there's always wheelbarrows full of wood ready to bring into the house.

day 22 - shopping

I simply cannot resist a good sale at this store as the scents are wonderful. Picked up two gifts here which I was tempted to keep!

Okay, I believe I'm all caught up.  Back to the busyness of the season....I'm not sure I'll ever be ready!

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