Friday, December 12

prepare without the bah

Thought I would combine my photo-of-the-day challenge with the weekly Friday writing challenge.  Every Friday a group of bloggers from all over the place contemplate one word.  They spend five minutes writing about it without editing, post it, link it up at Kate's Five Minute Friday, then visit the link before them to leave a word or two of encouragement. Today's word is PREPARE.  Ready?  Set?  WRITE!

day 12 - stocking


Taking the annual trip to cut down our Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving seemed like a good way to launch some enthusiasm about Christmas.  But alas.  As I sit here with less than two weeks to go, I'm still looking for the enthusiasm I need to prepare for such a wonderful time of celebration.  Bah humbug seems to be a more fitting description of my badattitude this year.  

I dunno.  It seems to be a combination of things - too many cloudy gloomy days, too many loved ones who have passed away through the years in December, too many memories of other Christmas times that were marvelously wonderful, too many changes over the past few years.  And primarily, a very hard season of life right now.  

Yet all of that doesn't change the real reason of the season, does it?  

Sometimes we have to wade through all the bah humbug clutter to remember that we prepare not because of us, but because of Him.  Jesus.  

Born in a manger and destined to become our Savior.  THAT is worthy of a celebration of JOY!

Maybe I should take that stocking down, eh?


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Erin Tellman said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. This is my first Five Minute Friday so it is pretty neat to see all the different ways one word can be interpreted.

I have been struggling with that this year too. Thanks for the reminder that it's not about the stuff: it's about Jesus.

lydia said...

It is ridiculously hard to shake off the outside forces that make us think that the tree, the stockings, the candy (ohh, the candy), and all of those other materialistic things are what matters. Thanks for this reminder!

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