Saturday, December 6

through the days of December

At the beginning of the month, I determined I would do a photo challenge through December again this year and found a good list over at The Idea Room - December Photo A Day. Of course, it's taken me some time to find the time to post the actual pictures.  Soooo, catching up today with multiple pictures.

day 1 - red & white
A red shovel stuck into the white snow at the top of the sledding hill

day 2 - errand
A sign of errands run around town - ugly black snow dropping off the car when you get back home

day 3 - candle
My all time favorite candle ever and always on my list as a gift idea - Old Yankee Candle Home Sweet Home

day 4 - silver
A simple handmade by a daughter loaded with silver glitter ornament made by a daughter last year

day 5 - ornament
Keeping with the daughter theme, a favorite ice skating ornament

day 6 - sparkly
A green snowflake ornament catching the sunlight coming in through the window today

Now to see if this photo challenge will put a little 'umph' into my Christmas spirit.

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joan said...

Love this picture cap[turing idea, Tammy.

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