Monday, January 12

Daybooking in January

For January 12th

Outside my window.....the sun is brightly shining and the temperature is actually above zero for a change.  

I am thinking.....about getting outside for a little walk today as I need some fresh air even if it is on the 'crisp' side.

I am thankful.....for the sunshine today because it increases my energy level by about a 1000X (or more hee hee)

I am wearing....a pair of jeans, a yellow top with my Green Bay Packers sweatshirt thrown over it.  And warm fuzzy socks.

I am hearing.....some random music my girls are exercising to right now.

I am wondering.....if our family will avoid getting the flu again this year.  

I am creating.....a list of things I need to gather together for our taxes.  I want to be ahead of the game this year.

I am have to drastically change the eating habits I apparently developed over the holidays.  In other words, the sugary stuff has gotta go!

I am reading.....each morning the new devotional I bought for the new year - "New Morning Mercies" by Paul David Tripp

I am praying.....for a sweet little girl who is going through an intense chemotherapy treatment over the next several weeks.  Please join me in praying for Esther!  (and for her family as it's been a long difficult stretch for them).

I am remembering.....that old familiar hibernation feeling that comes around every year in January.  It seems to be the only time I can actually easily sleep in much later than normal which is not a good thing.

I am get my Christmas cards out this week now that I have a family picture.

On my how easily truth gets distorted in some situations and how much we need to pray for the Lord to reveal TRUTH.  

From the learning rooms.....we are back to the books and about halfway through this school year.

I am learning....that people are still very blessed by snail mail which makes it worth the time to write a note or two of encouragement.  

Noticing that.....the dog has a 'hot spot' on his back.  It's such a weird time of year for one of those.  I wonder what started it?

I am looking forward to.....a filling up our blessing jar this year.

Pondering these words....."For the believer, fear is always God-forgetful.  If God is sovereign and his rule is complete, wise, righteous, and good, why would you fear?" ~ Paul David Tripp

From the's soup season!  So many good soup recipes on Pinterest right now.

Around the house....are the scatterings of a daughter on college break.  She really spreads her stuff EVERYWHERE which means I'll probably end up sending a package to her once she's back at school of all the things she left behind!

One of my favorite eating meals with all my kids around the table.  Such crazy conversations come out of nowhere.

A few plans for the rest of the week.....include work days, business bookwork, writing notes for cards, sketching out a quilt design, and speaking at a church on the weekend.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you....
A daughter's recent artwork

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