Monday, January 19

open it up

Here's a quote I read over the weekend that has stuck with me:

"Complaining about a silent God while your Bible is closed is like complaining about not getting texts when your phone is turned off." ~ Author Unknown

Perhaps I really get this is because I'm not much of a phone user. My phone often has the sound turned off because I'm in places where I'm unable to answer it or respond to a text. So, sometimes people will call me because I hadn't responded to a text or voicemail that they had sent me.  Ya, pretty hard to get texts when your phone is basically off because the sound is turned off.  

But more often than people complaining about me being a lousy texter, I hear people murmuring about a quiet God. Hey, I'm even guilty as charged at times.  And yet how hard does this quote hit the nail on the head?  BAM!  A quiet God seems to appear when life is busy and devotional time is quick.  It's pretty hard to hear him over the clamor of a hectic life.  Yet, if you slow down enough to soak in some time with Him as your Bible is opened on your lap, you can hear Him through His Words. Often there'll be certain Bible verses that will appear to have a bright laser focused on them as He speaks directly to your heart.  In fact, it's hard NOT to hear God speaking to you when you're in His Word.

Have something on your heart?  Open up your Bible and see what God has to say to YOU!

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LaughingLady said...

So true. I find that when life is most hectic is when I most desperately need time alone with God. What a catch-22 situation, eh?

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