Friday, January 23

the easy share

Friday has arrived without bells and whistles, but fortunately with a slight warmer breeze and some snowflakes in the air. Time to focus on one word, free writing without edits for five minutes, posting it, and linking it up @ Kate's Five Minute Friday community. Be sure to follow the link before yours or even several links before yours always leaving a word of encouragement behind. The word for today is SHARE   Ready? Set?  WRITE!


We are born into this world as the center of our universe.  It's all about self-preservation from the beginning.  Life is all about me.  Anyone who has spent time with toddlers knows that the word SHARE is not in their vocabulary nor does it come easily as they grow older (although I do have to say I have one child who seemed to be born to be a person who shares graciously....definitely their gift from God).  

Why is it that we don't like to share?  It's because it costs us something.  We pay a price of not having all of something we hold close to our hearts.  We want it - whatever it is - all to ourselves.  It can be almost like idol worship, don't you think?

And yet as a believer there is something we can share.  It hasn't cost us anything, but it's cost Jesus Christ His life.  Just as our salvation is a free gift from Him to us, it's a free gift for everyone.  Why are we so selfish and afraid to share something so extraordinarily wonderful that is FREE?

I think some of it comes back to all the different ways we are taught to share our faith often requires memorizing the four spiritual laws or the Romans road or the good news/bad news.  Yes, all good stuff, but it's much harder to use those methods in a culture that has never stepped its foot inside a church or has even had any contact with the name Jesus.  

What seems easiest is telling your story of faith to someone. Sharing what makes Jesus real to you.  Recalling those stone memorials along the way of life that were undeniably God working with love on your behalf.  

Simply put....God moments.  

How easy it is to share from our hearts about His heart for the world!  THEN you can fill in the blanks with all the rest.



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Annie Rim said...

Loved this reminder. No formula is as effective as sharing our lives and stories and letting others see & hear God's work in us. Thanks for the encouragement!

Melissa R said...

I like this, and I agree. I've heard the example of "I once was blind and now I see." People can argue with statements of faith, but they can't argue with a factual statement of your own experience.

laurelei said...

"Recalling those stone memorials along the way" This is so beautiful. I can't imagine the difficulty in ministering to a culture that has never been exposed. Personal testimonial might be the only effective method. I love your Garden Glimpses, dear lady. Thank you for stopping by my FMF post, for your kind words, for the hug and the prayer, and especially for the comfort wrapped around them all. Be blessed.

Diana said...

Tammi, I love your reminder that we are to share. I led a lady to the Lord by simply asking do you have faith and I have made mistakes but God makes it right. I love your post your FMF friend.

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