Friday, January 9

the odd welcoming job

Five Minute Friday returns this week.  What is it?  Writing for five minutes on one word with no editing.  Post it.  Link it up at Kate's Five Minute Friday.  Visit the link before yours and be sure to leave behind an encouraging comment.  It's always fun to see all the different thoughts that people have when they are all writing about one word.  This Friday's word is WELCOME.  Ready?  Set?  Write!


Thinking about this word brings up one thought - hospitality - and it typically fits within a home environment.

But have you ever considered taking the welcome out into the world?  

That seems to be my experience in a weird kind of way.

Often when I'm at the local grocery store or shopping at Walmart, people will stop me to ask where they can find certain things within that store.  Or they'll ask me about substituting ingredients in a recipe.    Since I'm not dressed in the store uniform kind of clothing, it seems kind of odd that they do that.  My family does  live in a tourism area, so I often wonder if it's because I look and dress like a local? (I don't think I do but maybe I do?)  Or are they in the habit of randomly asking people questions wherever they are?  Or is it because my children are all growing up now and I'm able to shop by myself most of the time that allows me to more leisurely shop in a relaxed mode with my list in hand AND people sense that as it gives off a more welcoming aroma?

I really have no idea why and perhaps never will and I guess in the big picture it really makes no difference.  Right?  And if it makes people feel welcomed in our community then I believe it's a good thing even if it is strange.

Now I'm wondering why it never happens when I'm shopping in the hardware store.......   


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Shana said...

Hi, I'm your neighbor on FMF! What a lovely blog! I have five kids myself and no one ever asks me to help them, if the kids are with me at the store, but I do get stopped sometimes if I'm by myself. Isn't that interesting? I DO get stopped a lot to ask about my kids or our crazy family.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Gayl Wright said...

Hello! Stopping by from #fmf. I really enjoyed your post. I'm also a grandmother but am still homeschooling my youngest child who is a senior this year. I like you idea of welcoming while you are out. I've also had people stop me in the store asking where things are and it's usually when I'm alone. I never thought about it as being welcoming, but it really is. :)

Carrie McCoy said...

This was fun to read and think about today on your blog! I am brand new to the small town I live in and was asked in the store where something was the other day too. Quite funny! Thank you for sharing your blog post! Blessings, Carrie from FMF

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