Monday, February 2

a good reminder

"I can do all things through Him who gives me strength." ~ Philippians 4:13

What a wonderful verse to start a new month!  It has always been one of my favorite verses — especially during labor and delivery — but I find I need it even more during this time of the year.  

January always seems to put my body and mind into hibernation.  Too much darkness.  Too much cold.  Too much exhaustion after the holidays.

Then delightfully February comes along and the little bit more of daylight each day begins to be noticeable.  More light.  Still cold.  Holiday exhaustion is done. It feels like it's time to get moving again, but there's a need for a little more umph in doing so which is hard to do on my own.  It's a good time to call on God's strength to use my time wisely and with purpose no matter what I'm doing.  For ALL things. 

May YOU tap into God's strength to do all of YOUR things, too!

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