Tuesday, February 3

crock or not

For years I had a mini crock on my kitchen countertop that held all my frequently used kitchen utensils until it broke and broke again. And I glued and glued again.  Then taped and taped again.  So faithful it was and I really didn't notice how awful it looked until I was doing a lot of cooking and baking for the holidays.  

Enter a son home from college on winter break bringing many of his pottery pieces from a class he had taken over the past semester.  Since all of his various pottery pieces were being left at home, it made sense to put them to use. 

Alas, my old faithful multi glued and taped mini crock was put to rest in the circular file as a new, improved and totally cool pottery container replaced it.  It works well, holds a bit more, and currently has sentimental value.  Definitely a blessing to be counted!

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