Friday, February 6

keep the memories

It's simple. Only one word to write about today.  No editing. Post it.  Link it up at Kate's Five Minute Friday.  Then visit the link before yours and leave behind a note of encouragement. The word for today is KEEP.  Ready?  Set?  Go!


There have been so so sooooo many moments through the years of raising my family that I've thought to myself - "I never want to forget this moment in time and would like to keep it forever fresh to come back to again and again!"  

And then life moved on and I promptly forgot that moment.

Well, kind of anyways.

One wonderful thing that I was diligent in doing for many years was taking pictures and promptly putting them in a photo album.  There is absolutely nothing better than sitting down with one of those old albums which store so many memories that I wanted to keep fresh forever.  Looking at those old photos brings my memory quickly back to the sounds and scents and sights of those moments.  Photos truly are a way to keep memories.

But alas.  The digital age arrived and my best memory keeping method suddenly crashed as printing photos seemed to be such a hassle. I mean, you couldn't just print the pictures.  You needed to crop them and fix them and, well, you know, it just took way too much time, so it was easier not to do it. Of course,  then my first laptop permanently crashed and I lost a whole bunch of pictures that had been downloaded onto it which was even more discouraging.

It's interesting because I've been thinking about this a lot recently and would like to return to this wonderful way to keep memories.  For you see, my younger children look at the old photo albums and wonder where the pictures of them  are from when they were little  :::gulp:::  It's time to maybe pick up where I left off and refresh memories in new albums.


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Susan Shipe said...

I was an avid scrapbooker for years and lately I've been debating whether to begin again because it really is such a wonderful, pretty way to KEEP alive our memories! Visiting from Kate's today.

ruthemarriott said...

How lovely that you've done this! I have so very few pictures of me in my early teens - it's sort of a black hole of memories. I hope you find a way to do this that works in this new digital world we're now living in. It will be a precious gift to give your family. Visiting today from #fmfparty

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