Thursday, February 12

live the gift

You know how you know something real basic and then the reality of what it means really sinks in perhaps in a way that you've never known before?  That happened this morning as my heart was touched in a new way when I read the following:

"Faith isn't something you can work up inside yourself. Faith comes to you as God's gift of grace (Ephesians 2:8).  Not only is your salvation a gift of God, but the faith to embrace it is his gift as well.  But here is what you need to understand:  God not only gives you the grace to believe for your salvation, but he also works to enable you to live by faith.  If you are living by faith, you know that you have been visited by powerful transforming grace, because that way of living just isn't normal for you and me.  If your way of living is no longer based on what your eyes can see and your mind can understand, but on God's presence, promises, principles, and provisions, it is because God has crafted faith in you." ~ Paul David Tripp

Perhaps this struck me so profoundly because a few days ago friends and I were gathered around a table chatting about the craziness of the world right now.  The news headlines are something no one wants to read anymore as we watch our country taking paths down dark alleyways.  Things that would have never been acceptable in the years we were growing up are now shouted off the rooftops as perfectly fine and normal. People's values seem to be influenced more by what the media is yelling than anything else.  Right now, nothing our eyes see or our ears hear actually are understandable to our minds as sin lures people further and further away from the truth.

And yet the more we talked, the more evident our faith played into how we lived our daily lives and coped with the craziness around us.  We are living in a way that goes against the grain and would definitely not be the normal human way.  
Our lives are only different because it's through God's powerful transforming grace that we have been given the gift of salvation AND the gift to live it out in faith.

Have you ever considered how spectacular and amazing that is? It's not about me or you or the other person struggling to live on our own.  It's all about God and His gifts to us which enable us to live a life of faith. Truly there is nothing more LIFE GIVING and LIFE CHANGING!  

How very thankful I am that God has crafted faith within me to live my life fully in His presence, His promises, His principles, and His provisions as each day brings me closer to my hope in eternity.

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