Friday, February 20

open the shades

One word.  Five minutes to write.  No editing.  Post your post. Link up at Kate's Five Minute Friday.  Leave a word of encouragement behind on the link before yours. Today's word is OPEN.  Ready?  Set?  GO!


When we go through these extremely cold winter spells (especially on these days when we our temperature doesn't get above zero....and then add the windchill! brrrrr!), we keep the curtains throughout the house closed.  Doing that helps keep the bitter cold outside and the warmth of the heat indoors where we need it. But those are LONG dreary kind of days for someone who loves light. So on the bitter cold days when the sun finally shows its sunny face, I will open the curtains in the rooms where I know the light and warmth of the sun will overpower everything in that room.  The bitter cold doesn't have a chance to cause shivers on days like that, but instead causes smiles.

And you know, our hearts can be like that, too, at times.  We close them down  and pull the shades to avoid the bitterness and pain that is all around us *thinking* we are keeping our heart in protective warmth.  But those can be LONG dreary kinds of stretches in time that can actually keep our souls in darkness.  It's sooo much better to unwrap our hearts and open them up to the light and warmth of the SON who can overpower everything in our lives.  The cold bitterness of the world around us doesn't have a chance of bringing us down, but instead the Son shining into our hearts causes peace, contentment, and the kind of joy that is only found in God who is sovereign over all.  All things. All places.  All people.

Yup, open your heart up to Jesus and let the Son shine in!


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Jo Rose said...

I love this example of the light and warmth of God's love for us. He doesn't want us to close ourselves off due to fear or hurt, but He has called us to shine our lights knowing that He will never forsake us. I am stopping by from Five Minute Friday.

Beth said...

This is an excellent, analogy, thank you:).

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