Saturday, February 14

sending love

This week has been busy!  

The baking needed to get done so that all of the boxes filled with sweet treats for my family could get in the mail hopefully in time to arrive for Valentines Day.

Since my Christmas cards never seemed to get mailed out this year after I got the family photos printed in January, I was also busy this week writing out LOTS of Valentine cards. And I'm still writing them out so many will arrive next week. Oh, and I love the new Forever heart stamps!

The nice thing though is that I had addressed all my Christmas cards already which means that I am one step ahead for the Christmas of 2015!  

Happy Valentines Day!  

Tammy ~@~


Laura said...

Sam loved his card and we loved the treats :)

Tammy said...

YAY! Next year he'll be able to eat the treats with you!

Love you!

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