Saturday, February 28

short but fast

It seems rather amazing that this week passed so quickly and I'm staring at the last day of the month on our calendar.  Of course, when you look out the window and see all the snow still hanging around, it's not like flipping the calendar to March will suddenly bring spring on the horizon.  Not only is there still plenty of snow, but we've had a rather cold February with a steady steam of below zero temperatures. The combination often makes the shortest month of the year feel like a longer than normal month and that often makes it my least favorite month of the year.

But again, as I realize we are on the last day of this month, I felt a shift happen over the past 28 days.  The rousing out of hibernation.  More daylight hours.  A handful of big projects stamped with a *nailed it!*.  Some significant down in the valley moments that I now recognize were balanced with some significant up on the mountain moments.  And most important perhaps has been sensing God's grace and peace throughout the month in a new and fresh way that is hard to even put into words.  

Sooooo, I'm looking forward to March.  How about you?

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