Wednesday, February 4

you talking to you

Who are YOU talking to?

I hadn't really thought about it much until I read this in my devotional this morning:

"No one is more influential in your life than you are because no one talks to you more than you do.  It's a fact that you and I are in an endless conversation with ourselves." ~ Paul David Tripp

Again, have you ever really thought about that? Not sure? Here's a bit more:

"In this inner discussion, we're always talking about God, life, others, and ourselves, and the things we say to ourselves are very important because they are formative of the things we desire, choose, say, and do. What have you been saying to you?  What have you been saying to you about yourself?  What have you been saying to yourself about life, meaning and purpose, right and wrong, true and false, and good and bad?" ~ Paul David Tripp

So, as I thought about this a bit more, I had to agree.  I do talk to myself.  A LOT.  Of course, a good percentage of my self-talk is about things I don't want to forget.  So as I'm walking from one end of the house to the other, I may be repeating to handled scissors, blue handled scissors, blue handled scissors.....just so that when I get to the other end of the house I will remember why I'm there! (yes, menopause does wonderfully crazy things to your brain like this :::sigh:::)  But how often do I tell myself I'm stupid for doing something the way I did it?  Or that I should have stood up to the pressure and said no instead of yes?  And what about talking to myself as I read between the lines of a situation?  Oh, yes, I do frequently throw in some "Help me, God!", "Protect me, God!", "Thank you, God!" throughout the day as I talk to myself.  

Referring to Psalm 42 and the psalmist who also preached to himself, consider these things:

"We either preach to ourselves a gospel of aloneness, poverty, and inability or the true gospel of God's presence, power, and constant provision.  You are preaching to yourself a gospel that produces fear and timidity or one that propels you to courage and hope. You are preaching to yourself of a God who is distant, passive, and uncaring or a God who is near, caring, and active.  You are always preaching to yourself a gospel that causes you to rest in his wisdom or a gospel that produces a bit of panic because it seems as if there are no answers to be found." ~ Paul David Tripp

It really makes you stop and think about what you are saying to yourself, doesn't it?  Is it positive or is it negative? Because it does make a difference in how you respond to the world around you.

Perhaps the best statement was the closing sentence of the devotional which I clung to as I headed out of the house for a busy day at work:

"So God in his grace has given you his Word so that you may preach to yourself what is true in those moments when the only one talking to you is you." ~ Paul David Tripp

How important it is to soak our lives full of God's Word so when we talk to ourselves, we are speaking truth and love and hope and strength and peace.  Because what we apply to our lives will tumble out onto the lives of others and can you think of anything better to share than the truth and love and hope and strength and peace that comes from God?  There really is nothing better, is there?

(Sorry for the long ramble......I've been long overdue for one of these pondering kinds of posts!)

Tammy ~@~


LaughingLady said...

I guess this is one of the reasons it's important to commit Scripture to memory ~ so we can counsel our own hearts. Good ramble! :)

Luke Holzmann said...

As one prone to massively negative self-talk, this is a very good reminder. May the truth and grace of God's Word transform me.


Tammy said...

Yes, I agree, Tammi. God's Word being poured into our hearts is so important as it'll help us talk truthfully to ourselves.

May the truth and grace of God's Word transform us all, Luke.

It's kind of funny because I was primarily talking to myself when I wrote this, but you were able to actually hear me talking to myself!

Tammy ~@~

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