Thursday, March 26

how small can you go

This could perhaps be considered a Throw Back Thursday picture because it was taken almost four years ago on a warm sunny beach.

Or this could be considered a 'woe to me' kind of picture as it seems like everyone living around here has gone to warm sunny places over the past several weeks.  In fact, I'm surprised there's any traffic in town at all with the number of people I know who are spending vacation time in places where sunscreen and shorts are needed.  

But no, this picture is here because I want you to think about sand.  More specifically, I want you think about one grain of sand.  Set this one grain of sand on the table in front of you and carve something into it.  A person or a car or how about Michelangelo's David?

Impossible, you say?

Not for Willard Wigan.

Have you ever heard of him?  

Honestly, when I first heard about him, I thought someone was pulling my leg.  Then I googled his name and was bedazzled by each picture I saw.

This man is an English sculptor whose artistic work fits on the head of a pin or through the eye of a needle.  You can't even see it with your human eye, but must view it through a microscope.  The detail is beyond amazing. You can check out the article about him in Wikipedia - Willard Wigan or check out the images  

You just never know what gift or talent God may bring forth from adversity, do you?  (Willard had undiagnosed dyslexia)

And yes, I hope that this snow will soon stop falling, the temperature will get out of the 20's, and spring will really come so I can find better things to do with my time.......

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