Thursday, March 12

in a hurry for spring

After surviving the previous month of so much below zero weather — I heard it never got above freezing all month! — it's nice to see a bit more sunshine, warmer temperatures, and the snow melting like crazy. 

Spring is definitely in the air!

Of course, we know there'll still be some of those super duper spring snowstorms yet.  But apparently not everyone knows that.

Like her.......

I was so very surprised to look out my window at work and see Mama Mourning Dove sitting on her nest! WHAT?!?!?!?!?!? 

Oh dear!  Way way way too early to be thinking about laying eggs and starting a family.  I mean, yes, it's almost the middle of March, and yes, spring is almost here according to the calendar, but NOOOO, spring never comes this early and stays!

The thing that makes me smile a tad bit is the little thought dancing in my mind that perhaps she knows something I don't know.  Maybe spring will actually come early and stay. Maybe all these big high snowbanks will melt and the snow won't return again this winter.  Maybe the weather will be warm enough for her to raise her first batch of babies.

Time will tell....and I guess I better get busy on a bunch of indoor projects in case she's actually right!

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